Welcome to Fimagri OP

Welcome to  Fimagri OP - FIMAGRI OP

A large company leader in vegetables production, born and operate in Puglia.
Fimagri production sprouts along the Tavoliere Plains, it has high standards bacause of the fertile ground and mild weather, which make possible an healthy crop growth together with a good flavor.
Fimagri products can be distinguished by taste and Nutritional Information.

Fimagri's philosophy is:

Fimagri's philosophy is: - FIMAGRI OP



Quality of products 

Guaranteed by:
- A perusing choice of production sites;
- A carefull application on integrated pest management;
- An efficent tracking product system

Fimagri distinguish itself by professionalism, for it always keep an eye on customers
satisfaction, products soundness, and put business ethic always on top between its

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